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For over 300 years the piano has been the premier musical instrument, adapting itself along the way to classical, jazz, blues, rock and many other forms of music.  Pianos are one of the most expressive instruments, capable of playing chords and melodies, even at the same time.  They can be wonderful accompaniment to a band or orchestra, or they can shine on their own as a solo instrument.  In the home they provide entertainment, are a source of relaxation and inspiration, and even when they aren't being played they are a beautiful piece of furniture.

To get the most enjoyment out of these very complex instruments, they must be maintained.  A regular maintenance program for your piano will not only keep it sounding its best, it will protect your investment for many years to come.

"On Key" Piano Tuning was established in 2002. I offer quality service for a reasonable price.  I am a musician and will not only make your instrument sound right... I will make it feel right!  I can provide the regular tunings that are recommended by all piano manufacturers.  Maybe you've purchased a used piano that has been neglected for some time. "On Key" Piano Tuning can provide the services you need to get it back into playing condition.

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of "On Key" Piano and Instrument Repair is to provide quality, affordable piano tuning and instrument repair to the families, schools and churches of Southwest Georgia.  I want all of your musical instruments to be maintained at a level where it is musically pleasing to you.  I want you as a continuing customer and ask for your referrals.   Thanks for stopping by! 

- Joey

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