How often should I tune my Piano?


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I recommend every six months.  Never let it go for over a year.  Churches and music performance areas should tune more often for professional reasons.

A music teacher should be tuning at least every three months to be sure students are hearing correct pitch. 

If you wait until you hear obvious twangs in your piano, you are waiting too long and your piano will never hold pitch well.  (You don't wait until you hear grinding noises in your car to change the oil do you?)

I send a reminder letter to customers based on my records and the history of the piano  Tune your piano regularly.  Spinets and consoles go out of tune quicker than uprights and grand pianos. 

The servicing requirements of a piano also depends on its usage.  With consistent use a piano may require attention every five years or so.  A piano's tone will diminish and lose its qualities if not cared for.  It is an investment both as a musical instrument and as a piece of furniture that deserves looking after.

What time of year should it be tuned?  This is a good question and generally causes confusion.  To me, it really doesn't matter.  Just be consistent.  If you're only going to do it once a year...  do it the same time every year.  Space the tunings consistently.  If it's out of tune, it doesn't matter what time of year it is.  Just do it.