What can I do without spending a lot of money?

1.  Keep the temperature and humidity level as constant as possible.  Don't place the piano near HVAC vents.  Keep the piano away from doors which are frequently opened (like patios etc...). 

2.  Don't put potted plants (drinks, fish, etc) on your piano.  Spills will stain the finish and if it gets inside can really mess things up.  If you do have a spill.  Wipe the excess off the exterior and call me to check the inside immediately before damage occurs.

3.  Don't oil or grease anything!  Most parts use dry lubricants and very close fitting parts.  If you get oils or grease in the wrong places you can potentially damage your piano beyond repair.

4.  Clean the exterior using sprays without oil, was or silicone.  Let me take care of cleaning the interior.

5.  Clean your keys with a damp rag.  If you have some stubborn stains you can put a touch of mild white soap on the rag.  Use a separate rag on the black keys because the black stain will discolor the white keys.  If you need more than this will accomplish...  call me.

6.  Don't use moth balls, or other pesticides in your piano.  The fumes can be corrosive and cause premature damage to the metal parts of your piano.  Regular cleaning and playing is the best way to keep out pests.

7.  Be careful about placing small objects on top of the piano.  I've collected enough pencils, paper clips, erasers, pennies to outfit my office for the rest of my life. 

8.  Keep the lid down on your grand piano when it is not in use (you can display it when you are expecting guests).  Dust and debris build up on the soundboard.  When this happens, call me.  I can clean it for you using special tools

9.  Have your home (not the piano) regularly sprayed and checked for pests.  Especially here in the south!  Even the cleanest homes can get roaches and rodents.  They will infest your piano before you know it and eat the wood and felt out of the interior of your piano.    

10.  Play it!

11.  Don't let children play under a grand piano. 

12.  Keep it out of bright sunlight.

13.  Don't move it.

14.  Don't thumbtack the hammers.  If you want a honky-tonk sound I can install a device that will do this for you without ruining the hammers.

15.  If you hear buzzes or rattles, check for objects on top of the piano or in the room that are vibrating sympathetically with the piano.  Also check for objects behind a vertical or on the soundboard of a grand.

16.  Keep it quiet for me when I tune.

17.  Use castor cups on carpet.

18.  Turn off the ceiling fan.

19.  Don't smoke around the piano.